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The 4th in Oakley

I am obsessed with the 4th of July. I always have been. But 4 years ago, my life was forever changed that 4th of July weekend at the Oakley rodeo, where RyLee and I had our first date. Of course its now tradition to spend the holiday in Oakley doing all of the Oakley festivities; most importantly, the rodeo! The rodeo this year with Rozie was a bit tricky, and a little harder, but we loved sharing our special holiday with our daughter for the first time. She LOVED the fireworks (probably because we got these awesome noise cancellation headphones for her) and it was especially great to get to watch them so close as RyLee set them off each night. I am most thankful to Krista for capturing our 4th and putting together this amazing video. God bless America!

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